(NOTE: the following information may contain excerpts from material provided by D Wilson (courtesy of Phoebe Prime nee Schuetze per her son Ken) from various publications and research by other people. Information is included in good faith.

Gottlieb Wilhelm - eldest son of Gottlieb Andreas and Maria Dorothea Schuetze nee Roediger - was one of the first students at the Hahndorf Academy in 1857. (The Hahndorf Academy is now used as a museum and gallery for Hans Heysen's paintings.) Gottlieb was musical and composed many pieces of music and was also in demand as a singer at local functions. Upon the death of his father Gottlieb took over the Blumberg Hotel, he was also the first Postmaster in Blumberg. He had acquired quite large holdings of land in the Hundred of Talunga including sections previously owned by his father. He also acquired land in Mannum (the paperwork on this is very difficult to read) where the family lived for some time.

He never became a wealthy man, in fact lost much of his money through speculating with others who were looking for gold in the Adelaide Hills.

In 1872 Gottlieb sold the Blumberg Hotel and took over the Licence of the Bogan Hotel at Mannum and this was held by him for many years. This was very fortunate for the town at the time, because he (known as William) took unusual interest in the development of the town and was specially active in inducing tradesmen and other citizens to settle, and proving ever ready to assist in establishing business places and homes.

Bogan Hotel, Mannum

At that time two men in Mannum had a vision of being able to make farm machinery and to supply the local people with good implements but they had no capital. Gottlieb Wilhelm financed David and John Shearer and they began in a small way, the business grew and is still going all over Australia and beyond (tho' taken over by other firms).

Gottlieb Wilhelm Schuetze met Mary Ann Hudson (who came from a poor home in Norwood, Adelaide and was working as a domestic in Palmer, a town not far from Mannum) at a Baptist Fellowship in Mannum. They drove by horse and cart down to Adelaide and on 1st September 1879 were married in Flinders Street Baptist Church.

Gottlieb Wilhelm and Mary Ann Schuetze (nee Hudson)

Meetings and entertainment were held in the hotel's “back room” until the Institute was built in 1882. This was built on land donated to the townspeople by G.W. Schuetze (Wilhelm, or William).

G W Schuetze was a gentle man and did not like the the hotel life so he again sold, and in 1883 built “Leonaville” where he and Mary Ann made their home in Mannum. Seven of their eight children were born in the 8 roomed house on the banks of the Murray River.


Photo taken June 2009 - D Wilson

L: Phoebe Ann Schuetze R: Phoebe (on right) with two friends.

Schuetze's Garden, Mannum, SA

During these years Gottlieb travelled around the river towns selling ‘Storers’ medical products. He composed and played music for many country dances and was well known for his friendly ways and musical ability. In 1894 the family of Hugo, Leona, Mabel, Elma and Phoebe (Hilda died aged 16, and Dorothy at 2 years), moved to Blumberg (now known as Birdwood) in the Adelaide hills.

Gottlieb Wilhelm worked at Pflaum's Flour Mill and Mary Ann became the local midwife and delivered many of Blumberg's babies.

Next move for the family was to Barton Terrace, North Adelaide for approximately 2 months, then to Marion Street, Parkside where their son Reginald was born in 1904. They later moved to 31 Bakewell Road, Evandale (St Peters).

L-R: Mabel Mary Moule nee Schuetze, Elma Elizabeth Wilson nee Schuetze, Mary Ann Schuetze nee Hudson, Hugo Hudson (Schuetze - took mother's maiden name because of antipathy towards German name) - married Alice Amelia Feast, Reginald William Schuetze (may have changed name to Hudson in later years also) married Rose Langham, Gottlieb Wilhelm Schuetze, Phoebe Ann Prime nee Schuetze, (standing) & Leona Rosalie Schuetze (never married).

Reginald William and his father Gottlieb Wilhelm Schuetze.

L-R: Visitor (unknown), Mary Ann, Leona, Elma, Winn Benson, Phoebe (with cat)
Gottlieb Wilhelm, Hugo and Mabel.
Photo dated 1902

L-R: Beth (Elizabeth Hudson), Doss (Dorothy Clare Moule), May Rosalie Wilson
and Peg (Margaret Hudson - twin of Elizabeth)
The girls were all cousins.

Beth and Peg Hudson, Doss Moule and May Wilson
with their Grandmother Mary Ann Schuetze (nee Hudson).

Gottlieb Wilhelm Schuetze died on Good Friday, 14 April 1922 at Loxton Hospital, South Australia. His residence at the time was in Evandale. He was survived by his widow Mary Ann who died 25 Nov 1951 at Evandale, South Australia. She was buried 2 days later on 27 Nov 1951 at St Peters.


A number of Schuetze family photos are courtesy Phoebe Prime nee Schuetze per her son Ken Prime - entrusted to David Wilson.
Additional photos courtesy G Turner, A Anderson, N Hausler and various family members.
Digital photo restoration - B O'Neil


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