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1 Johann Friedrich Sebastian Pflaum 
  m. Catherina Luise Henriette Andersen 
  2 1st son Pflaum 
  2 2nd son Pflaum 
  2 Friedrich Jacob Theodor Pflaum b. 17 Jul 1846 Itzehoe, Holstein, Denmark d. 28 Jul 1923 
    m. Margaret Livonia Wilke m. 12 Mar 1871 St Johns Church, Mt Pleasant, SA  b. 28 Apr 1850 Adelaide SA 
    d. 14 Aug 1945 Parkside SA 
       [daughter of Lorenz Wilke and Mariana Louise Gruhmann]
        Headstone trans. - IN Loving Memory OF FREDERICK, BELOVED HUSBAND OF MARGARET PFLAUM 
        ALSO - MARGARET - WIFE OF THE ABOVE, 1850 - 1945
        ALSO - ON THE SIDE OF THE MAIN UPRIGHT STONE - EDITH JANET HUNTER. (daughter of Margaret's sister 
        Louisa Hunter nee Wilke)
        website page - (noted 07/02/2007)
        PFLAUM, FRIEDRICH JACOB THEODOR (1846-1923), miller and politician, was born
        on 17 July 1846 at Itzehoe, Holstein, then a Danish province, third son of
        Johann Friederich Sebastian Pflaum, tanner, and his wife Catherina Luise
        Henriette, née Andersen. After elementary schooling Pflaum did voluntary work
        in a Hamburg mercantile house. He migrated to South Australia in 1867 and
        worked in a store at Lyndoch. Two years later he was joined by his younger
        brother Heinrich Adam Theodor, who migrated to avoid national service, and
        they bought a store at Blumberg, a village in the Adelaide Hills. A third
        brother Conrad Christian Theodor also migrated, and farmed at Nairne. In 1871
        Friedrich was naturalized. That year, on 12 March, he married Margareth
        Livonia Wilke; they had one daughter who died young.   
        'Fritz' and Heinrich established a tannin-mill alongside the Blumberg
        flour-mill and used its steam power plant. The abundance of wattle scrub
        suitable for milling and tannin's high price on the world market brought F.
        Pflaum & Co. prosperity. In 1877 they bought the flour-mill. As the supply of
        wattle declined the brothers expanded their flour-milling. In 1887 they built
        a new mill for £7000; this was bold, given the colony's agricultural
        recession. The mill boasted the latest German and American technology,
        including steel rollers. Pflaum's experience in overseas trade ensured
        profitable exports of 'Peerless' superfine flour which won prizes at
        international exhibitions. He often travelled in Europe, the United States of
        America, China and Japan. In 1889-1908 he and Heinrich alternated as
        councillors on the Talunga District Council. Friedrich was chairman in 1890-91
        and 1894-97, and was a justice of the peace. When the firm became a limited
        liability company in 1897, he turned to politics.    
        He failed to enter the Legislative Council next year, but in 1902 he became
        one of the two representatives for the House of Assembly seat of Murray, which
        embraced Blumberg. Anti-Labor, Pflaum later joined the Liberal Union. In his
        maiden speech he warned of the dangers of the Northern Territory being
        'overrun by colored races'. He supported closer settlement, with fixity of
        tenure, and in 1907-13 sat on eight government inquiries associated with the
        extravagant railway expansion promoted by Liberal Premier A. H. Peake. A keen
        debater, Pflaum was thought to exert influence in parliament; World War I
        ended that. Strong anti-German feeling ignored his loyal record: Pflaum polled
        the fewest votes of any candidate in the 1915 election for Murray and his
        colleague there, Hermann Homburg, was also defeated. In 1917 the town of
        Blumberg succumbed to jingoism when its name was changed to Birdwood.    
        After his defeat the Pflaums lived in Adelaide. A bearded, austere-looking
        man, he remained active in cultural and community affairs; in November 1915 he
        was re-elected as a council-member of the South Australian Institutes'
        Association, and he was on the board of the Old People's Homes. He had been
        president of the Baptist Union in 1905. Survived by his wife (d.1945), Pflaum
        died of chronic bronchitis and emphysema on 28 July 1923 and was buried in
        North Road cemetery. His estate was sworn for probate at £22,951; two of the
        principal beneficiaries were his nephew, 'in recognition of having done his
        duty to his country during the late war', and his niece, 'for her patriotic
        work in the war'.
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Margaret: Named after ship "Livonia" on which family sailed to Australia.See Lorenz notes. 3 Agnes Helene Pflaum b. 03 Feb 1872 Blumberg SA (now Birdwood) d. 03 May 1875 Blumberg SA (now Birdwood) 2 Heinrich Adam Theodor Pflaum m. Mary Jane Theel m. 08 Apl 1878 Salem Chapel, Gumeracha SA [daughter of Christian Theel and Mrs Anne Theel] 3 Catherine Annie Pflaum b. 17 Feb 1879 Blumberg SA m. Alfred William Matthews m. 18 Aug 1904 Salem Church, Gumeracha SA [son of William Henry Matthews and Mrs Matthews] 3 Minnie Pflaum b. 21 Apl 1880 Blumberg SA m. Edward Lindley Grundy m. 26 Oct 1904 Salem Church, Gumeracha SA [son of Francis Edgar Grundy and Mrs Grundy] 3 Rosy Pflaum b. 26 Jan 1882 Blumberg SA 3 Lillie Pflaum b. 07 Oct 1883 Blumberg SA m. Joseph James Mahood m. 10 Feb 1909 Salem Church, Gumeracha SA [son of George Mahood and Mrs Mahood] 4 Frances Mildred Mahood b. 03 Mar 1911 Rose Park SA 3 Elsie Jane Pflaum b. 10 Dec 1885 Blumberg SA m. Roger Paul Goode m. 16 Mar 1910 Salem Church, Gumeracha SA [son of Samuel Henry Goode and Mrs Goode] 3 Ernest Theodor Pflaum b. 31 Aug 1887 Blumberg SA m. Ethel Emily Murray Randell m. 29 Mar 1913 Salem Church, Gumeracha SA [daughter of William Beavis Randell and Mrs Randell] 4 Betty Pflaum b. 25 Jul 1916 Mount Pleasant, SA 4 Robert Raymond Pflaum b. 06 Apl 1919 Mount Pleasant, SA 4 Hannah Mary Pflaum b. 11 Oct 1920 Mount Pleasant, SA 3 Margaret Louise Pflaum b. 29 Jul 1889 Blumberg SA d. 05 May 1911 Blumberg SA 3 Elliott Frederick Pflaum b. 05 Jan 1892 Blumberg SA m. Clara Elvira Drabsch m. 29 Jun 1920 Baptist Church, Adelaide SA [daughter of Adolph Wilhelm Robert Drabsch and Mrs Drabsch] 4 Joan Pflaum b. 13 Apl 1921 Loxton SA 4 John Elliott Pflaum b. 06 Sep 1925 Loxton SA 3 Grace Evelyn Pflaum b. 07 Nov 1893 Blumberg SA m. Frederic Clifford Lavis m. 07 Oct 1919 Baptist Church, Adelaide SA [son of Robert John Lavis and Mrs Lavis] 3 Theodor Milton Pflaum b. 20 Sep 1895 Blumberg SA. Died 24 Sep 1917 of wounds - casualty of WWI Cemetery or Memorial details: Belgium 11 Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Belgium (from War Service Record - National Archives online) 3 Raymond Holstein Pflaum b. 14 Oct 1897 Blumberg SA d. 24 Nov 1916 Mortally wounded in France July 1916, picked up by German stretcher bearers and died in Germany as Prisoner of War November 1916. Much correspondence re his death on his Service Record on National Archives Australia. His name is on list of those queried as Missing In Action at Fromelles, France, but his War record details appear to disprove that he was wounded there and died as German POW. He was seen and spoken to by his brother Theodor Milton Pflaum (who was also KIA, 24/9/1917, buried in Belgium) at Pheasant Wood - Battle of Fromelles - who seemed to think he had not long to live at that time. 3 Leonard Hadden Pflaum b. 15 Nov 1899 Blumberg SA m. Thelma Bessie Hoad m. 07 Feb 1931 Methodist Church, Malvern SA [daughter of William Henry Hoad and Mrs Hoad] 3 Howard Christian Pflaum b. 10 Dec 1901 Blumberg SA m. Marjorie Joyce Hart m. 17 Feb 1934 Scots Church, North Tce., Adelaide SA [daughter of Robert Hart and Mrs Hart] 3 Helen Muriel Pflaum b. 02 Oct 1904 Blumberg SA m. Benjamin Harold Kendall Baker m. 27 Jan 1928 St Augustines Church, Unley SA [son of William Kendall Baker and Mrs Baker] 2 Conrad Christian Theodor Pflaum b. _____ d. 24 Nov 1911 Lived Maylands, died North Adelaide SA m. Catherina Margarethe Fredericka ? d. 17 May 1914 Maylands SA 3 Frederick Conrad Pflaum b. 09 Jul 1877 Nairne SA m. Victoria Elizabeth Lawrence m. 24 Apl 1916 St Pauls Church, Adelaide SA 3 Jane Margaret Louisa Pflaum b. 25 Jul 1879 Nairne SA 3 Martha Helene Maria Pflaum b. 11 Dec 1880 Nairne SA 3 Emilie Louise Mathilda Pflaum b. 27 Jun 1882 Nairne SA 3 Bertha Annette Pflaum b. __ __ 1875 m. Brammall Francis MacGraith m. 22 Nov 1899 St Ignatius Church, Norwood SA b. __ __ 1873

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