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Following a recent visit to Tasmania (2013)
I have now added the photos below relating to the church
where Thomas Lewis and Rebecca Brame were married.

Sketch of St Mary's Church, Kempton, Tasmania

Parish Church - St Mary's Anglican - Kempton
(previously known as Green Ponds), Tasmania

Photo on left - Font in St Mary's Church
Photo on right - Plaque with details including
name of Minister at the time Rebecca Brame & Thomas Lewis
were married

Copy of a photo on display at Lewis Reunion in 2002

Rebecca Lewis (nee Brame)

Photograph on left courtesy B Hope
Photo on right is a copy of an old photo on display at Lewis Reunion 2002

Thomas Lewis and Alice nee Ley
(Thomas Lewis (Jr.) was the son of
Thomas Lewis and Rebecca nee Brame)

Photo and updated information courtesy S. Short

Alice Lewis (nee Ley)
Photo dated 1909 - Alice died in 1910
(From a group photo which was taken at a family wedding)

Photo and information courtesy B. Lewis

Following further family discussion the above photo has now been identified as definitely being that of Thomas Lewis and his wife Alice nee Ley.

Wedding Photo James Sorrell and Mary May Lewis
Casterton, Victoria - 1909

Photo added 1 December 2009
This is a reduced size copy of a scan of a duplicate photo sent to me by a fellow LEWIS researcher (given it to him by his sister). She obtained it when she visited relatives in Mt Gambier in 1991. There is also a copy of this photo in the photographic collection of the Mt Gambier, SA Library that is viewable online
Photo courtesy B Lewis
(NOTE: small amount of photo restoration by B. O'Neil)

1 - Charles Lewis, 2 - George Lewis, 3 - Ida Jeffries, 4 - Edgar Lewis, 5 - Tom Lewis, 6 - George Sorrell, 7 - Rebecca Lewis, 8 - Rev Ball, 9 - John Sorrell, 10 - Alice Lewis (Ley), 11 - James Sorrell, 12 - Mary May Sorrell (Lewis), 13 - Alice Lewis, 14 - Lillian Sorrell, 15 - Clarrie Sorrell, 16 - Hazel Sorrell, 17 - John Henry Lewis.
(Information - B Lewis)

The following photos (inside frame) have been scanned from photocopies and names are shown in good faith.

If anyone has originals and/or further information, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Thomas Lewis
Son of Thomas Lewis snr. and Rebecca nee Brame

Sisters Mary Ann and Eliza Lewis
(daughters of Thomas Lewis
and Rebecca nee Brame)

John Lewis
(son of Thomas Lewis and Rebecca nee Brame)
and wife Anne Elizabeth nee Collingburn

Mary Ann Stone nee Lewis
and Eliza Millard nee Lewis

Caption received on photograph as shown

Caption received on photograph as shown

(Daughters of John Lewis & Anne Elizabeth nee Collingburn
Ethel Maria Peters nee Lewis
and Minnie Collingburn Bain nee Lewis

George Lewis and wife May nee McKinnon
(George - son of John Lewis & Anne Elizabeth nee Collingburn)

Sydney Keith Lewis
(son of George Ernest Lewis
and wife May nee McKinnon)

Caption received on photograph as shown

Grave of Rebecca Lewis in Lake Terrace Cemetery
Mt Gambier, Sth Australia

Photograph courtesy N Skinner


BACK L-R: Emma Beddell, Ressie Lewis, Josie Perry, Viney Gull, Miss Jennie Johnson (Head Teacher), Stella Perry, Lizzie Lewis, Janie Wombwell, Jessie Tait, Minnie Murrell
MIDDLE L-R: Teeny Carter, Bella Thompson, May Lewis, Thirza Tait, Rennie Perry, Addie Murrell, Florrie Murrell, Belle Jones
FRONT L-R: Jack Tait, Jim Perry, Peter Wombwell, Wille (Spud) Murrell, George Tait.

Mocamboro, or "The Bluff" State School 1448 was situated fifteen kms north-west of Merino alongside the Humble Bumble Creek. It opened in November 1874 with up to 42 students under the tutelage of B. J. Langford.
From 1884 it operated part-time with Bowtell's Creek as settlers left the district realising the small farm blocks of 80-100 ha could not sustain a living. The school closed in May 1916, and the single room, weatherboard structure was sold and removed to Digby for use as a private residence.
Head Teacher from May 1896 - May 1899 was Jennie Robinson Johnson. Born at Kansas, USA in 1870, she came to Australia in 1883 with her family who settled at Greenwald.
She was employed by the Education Department from 1889-1902; firstly at 2653 Glenaulin/Greenwald, then at Bluff/Mocamboro, and finally at 3307 Cudgewa North until her marriage in 1902.
She then moved to County Armagh, Ireland.

Doris, Ressie, Lyle (Frederick), George Spencer, Edward (Ted) and Sylvie.
(Ressie - daughter of George Lewis and Mary Ann nee Murrell)

Photograph courtesy M Spencer

Charles Henry Lewis
and Virtue (nee Best)
(Charles - son of Thomas Lewis and Rebecca nee Brame)

Photograph courtesy H Struthers

Home of (Charles) Henry and Virtue Lewis
Port MacDonnell, South Australia
Grave of Virtue Lewis (nee Best)
d. 14 March 1952
and Henry Charles Lewis
d. 24 September 1958
Lake Terrace Cemetery, Mount Gambier, SA

(Virtue) Mary (Rebecca) Wilke (nee Lewis)
90th Birthday

(daughter of (Charles) Henry Lewis and Virtue nee Best)


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