Carl Friedrich and Emma SCHUETZE nee BUERMANN


(NOTE: the following information may contain excerpts from material provided by D Wilson (courtesy of Phoebe Prime nee Schuetze per her son Ken) from various publications and research by other people. Information is included in good faith.

Carl Friedrich Schuetze (2nd son of Gottlieb Andreas and Maria Dorothea nee Roediger) was born 28 May 1845 in Kochstedt, Germany. He arrived with his parents and brothers Gottlieb Wilhelm and Friedrich Eduard in Australia on the “Wilhelmina Maria” in 1849.

He was a tall man (5ft. 11 inches) and joined the Police Force as a Police Sawyer. He became a Mounted Trooper on the 4th July 1867 but resigned 18 months later as a 3rd Class Mounted Trooper.

NOTE: details from South Australian Police Historical Society Inc. state “commenced duty with the SA Police July 4, 1867. His very brief service record listed him initially as a 3rd class Mounted Constable - this has been ruled out and replaced with the word “Trooper” (“Mounted Constable” replaced the term “Police Trooper” in 1884).

Other information given is his date of birth - 1848, place of birth - Berlin, and previous occupation - Lawyer. This latter I imagine has been confused somewhere along the line and shown as sawyer. He is shown as having resigned on February 28, 1869.

Carl Friedrich married Emma Emelia Buermann 14 July 1869 at St Johns Church, Mt Pleasant, South Australia. They had 5 children - Emma born 15 February 1870, died 21 February 1870 - Rosalie Emma Dorothea born 21 March 1871, died 9 August 1872 (from family bible). Their next born was Frederick Charles (5 March 1874) who married Rosalie Valeska Gass. Another daughter Ida Louise was born 12 January 1882, she died aged 18 on 8 September 1900 and is buried at Mannum. Clara Louise was born 22 April 1884, she married Gottlieb Heinrich Mann.

During his lifetime Carl Friedrich (Charles Frederick) carried on the trade of Publican at the Palmer Hotel (15 kms from Mannum) - the nearby Reedy Creek mine then being at its peak. In 1875 he and Emma took up land at Mannum adjoining what is now the Show Grounds - the district at that time being virgin scrub. In 1894 the family moved on to a river farm 10 miles from Mannum.

Carl died on the 30th December 1906 and is buried in the cemetery at Mannum. His widow Emma lived on for a further 31 years - she died 3 October 1937 and is also buried in the Mannum cemetery.


Carl Friedrich Schuetze
South Australian Police
Mounted Trooper

Carl Friedrich amd Emma Emelia Schuetze
(nee Buermann)
Wedding Photograph

L-R: Carl Friedrich SCHUETZE - Hotel Keeper at Palmer
Next gentleman
(seated) has quite possibly now (2021)
been identified as Sir Samuel Davenport,
builder of the Palmer Hotel
It has been suggested that next gentleman
(standing) could be
Herman Theodore Friedrich OPPATT, storekeeper at Palmer
Seated on the right may be Edward Henry DEANE,
member of the South Australian Mounted Police.

Photograph was possibly taken at The Palmer Hotel sometime between 1872 & 1875.

Herrmann Oppatt arrived South Australia 1872/73 aged 19.
Carl Schuetze operated Palmer Hotel until 1875.

The occasion is not known at this stage
Further input would be appreciated if you think you can add anything.

Wilhelm Eduard Gass
(father of Rosalie and John Gass)

Rosalie Valeska Schuetze nee Gass
and her brother Johan Jacob (John) Gass

Johan Jacob (John) Gass
Died 13 July 1965

Frederick Charles Schuetze
(son of Carl and Emma Schuetze)

Emma Schuetze with her children
Louise Clara and Frederick Charles

L-R: Louisa Clara Mann (nee Schuetze)
her daughter Marjorie Gobbett (nee Mann)
with daughter Thelma aged 6 months
Emma Schuetze (nee Buermann)

“Riverdel” - home of Frederick and Rosalie Schuetze - Mannum, S.A.

Rosalie in garden of “Riverdel” - 1943.

Frederick and Rosalie - “Riverdel”

Schuetze's Landing, Mannum, South Australia - 1926

Top Row L-R: John Gass (partly obscured), Marjorie (Marg) Mann, Sylvia Harris (schoolteacher at Pellaring Flat), Eileen Schuetze
2nd Row L-R: Dick Brophy, Gottlieb Mann, Roland Mann, Bert Schuetze, Margaret Bates, Jean Mann, Harold Bates, Fred Schuetze, Percival Randell
3rd Row L-R: Cora Randell (nee Schuetze), Louise Mann (nee Schuetze), Catherinia Dorothea Weidenhofer (nee Schuetze), Emma Schuetze, Marie Dorothea (Dora) Porter (nee Schuetze), Emily Young (nee Gass), Rosalie Schuetze (nee Gass)
Front Row L-R: Pauline Weidenhofer, Lionel Schuetze, Allan Mann, Ross Young, Emma (Doll) Mann, Madge Randell, Mary Weidenhofer.

When this picture was taken Emma was 76 years old, Emily 39, Johann 37, Rosalie 33, Emily 9, Gottlieb 47, Jean 17, Marjorie 21, Roland 19, William 10, Madge 12, Percival 53, Albert 41, Catherinia 46, Cora 44, Eileen 16, Frederick 52, Lionel 10, Louisa 42, Maria 77, Mary 9, Pauline 12 and Ross 6.
Photo and details - G Turner

Wedding of Tom Turner and Eileen Schuetze 13 May 1933
Groom - Tom Turner, Bride - Eileen Turner nee Schuetze
Left: Lionel Schuetze, Mary Weidenhofer - Right: Laurel Young, Clem Stephens (Best Man)

Rosalie and Frederick Schuetze
with their daughter Eileen Turner and son Lionel
(Best quality photo available)

Fred Schuetze with his daughter Eileen
and her sons Brian and Geoffrey
River Murray, reed bed bottom of property. c.1949

Clara Louisa (Lou) Mann
(nee Schuetze)

Emma Emelia Schuetze
(nee Buermann)

Grave of Charles and Emma Schuetze - Mannum, SA Cemetery
Inscription reads

Grave of Frederick Charles and Rosalie Schuetze - Enfield, SA Lawn cemetery
Inscription reads


A number of Schuetze family photos are courtesy Phoebe Prime nee Schuetze per her son Ken Prime - entrusted to David Wilson.
Additional photos courtesy G Turner, A Anderson, N Hausler and various family members.
Digital photo restoration - B O'Neil


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