Gottlieb Andreas SCHUETZE and Maria Dorothea nee ROEDIGER


Gottlieb Andreas SCHUETZE was born 19 January 1817 in Kochstedt, Prussia (NOTE: Details from Gottlieb's Naturalization in 1853; copy held by me) state he was a native of Cochstedt near Magdeburg in Prussia, occupation carpenter.)

His parents were Gottfried SCHÜTZE, Bürger (citizen)and Kürschnermeister (Master Furrier) in Kochstedt (b. Egeln) and Christiane Elisabeth nee NIEWERTH.

Gottlieb married Maria Dorothea Roediger in Hackpüffel 21 Feb 1841, prior to their journey to Australia. She was born 14 March 1818 in Hackpfüffel, Municipality of Goldene Aue, Sangerhausen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Bundesrepublik, Deutschland (Germany).

Gottlieb was employed as a carpenter with Major von Lott in Sangerhausen.

Maria's parents were Johann Friedrich Christoph RÖDIGER (cabinetmaker) b.1783 Greußen d.1841 and Christiane Caroline nee TORELTEN, b. Hackpfüffel, d.1822 in Hackpfüffel .

Johann & Christiane RÖDIGER had 6 children - Christian Christoph b. 1806, Johanne Henriette Sophia b. 1809, Friedrich Carl b. 1812, Maria Christiane b. 1813, Anonymous b. 1815, d. 1815, and the youngest child was our Dorothea Marie Christiane b. 1818. (Maria Dorothea).

Gottlieb and Maria and their 3 sons Gottlieb Wilhelm, Carl Friedrich and Friedrich Eduard, came from Hamburg, Germany. They left Hamburg and journeyed to Australia aboard the “Wilhelmina Maria”. At the helm of the ship was Captain Roysen, (NOTE: Some sources quote name of Captain as Boynn), they touched at Bahie on 12th July and arrived Port Adelaide, South Australia on 30 August 1849.

Gottlieb Andreas Schuetze was a carpenter (as shown on Naturalisation information), and Publican and the family lived in Hahndorf and Birdwood (then known as Blumberg) in the Adelaide Hills. They were of Lutheran religion.

Daughters Mona (Marie) Dorothea, Maria Caroline and Rosalia Louise, and another son - Adolph Theodor - were born in South Australia.

NOTE: The following details have been copied from a typed document received from D Wilson - date and origin of document is not known and information is included in good faith, although a number of known errors occur (see words highlighted in yellow).

Gottlieb Andreas Schuetze born at Roobstedt - Germany - on the 19th June 1917 married Maria Dorothea ROETTIGER who was born at Yunkfefullel on the 4th May 1818. A son, Gottlieb Wilhelm was born in Saxony on the 21st February 1843. Carl Friedrich was born in Berlin in 1845 and a third son, Friedrich Eduard was born at Kochastadt on the 20th September 1847.

Because of religious persecution Gottlieb decided to migrate to Australia and arrived in Adelaide with his family on the 30th August 1849 on board the “WILHELMINA MARIA”. The family settled in a small dwelling - one of a group - situated on the banks of the Torrens River (near the site of the present Adelaide Zoo). These huts were mainly occupied by German settlers who moved on as they acquired land and/or work in other areas - their homes being taken over by other newly arrived German settlers. While living here (at Hackney Bridge) a daughter Marie Dorothy was born on the 26th November 1849.

Gottlieb and his family settled for a time between Woodside and Lobethal. He then moved to Hahndorf where in 1854, he obtained the licence of the “Australian Arms” Hotel - a quaint old black and white cottage over the road from what is now the “Hahndorf Inn”. It was the third ‘pub’ in the town. In 1855 the licence was transferred to J. Owen and in 1856 to W. Anderson - Gottlieb then resumed as Licensee. At that time it was twice as long as it is today - a Mr. Walkom knocked portion of it down in order to make room for a driveway to his garage which was reputed to have been the largest in Hahndorf. In December 1863 Gottlieb sold the quaint old half timbered hotel building to F.W. Bremer and transferred his business over the road as “The Union Hotel”. That single storey building has since been extended. The National Trust of South Australia has placed commemorative plaques on the front walls of these two buildings.

“Over the years the “Union”was the scene of many weddings, parties, musical evenings, plays and learned lectures by very erudite gentlemen on a wide variety of subjects ranging from “Ancient Teutonic History” to “How to Make the Home Happy”. The cultural and intellectual life of the community was certainly helped by the construction of the larger premises during the 1880's”.

On the 21st October 1861 a Public Meeting was held in the “Australian Arms” Hotel to discuss the formation of an “Institute Committee”. It was agreed that such a committee be formed and the first meeting was held in May 1862. Gottlieb was a member of this Committee for many years. He was also Chairman of the committee in charge of building St Michael's Lutheran Church.

Gottlieb was very musical and played for many years at St Michael's Church. Although by this time he was a land owner of some substance - in Hahndorf he was renowned more as a musician than as a land owner.

He owned quite a large amount of land in the area - including Part Sections 4233, 4234 Hundred of Kuitpo, Part Section 4002, 4003 and 4004 Hundred of Hahndorf, Sections 6587 and 7118 Hundred of Talunga and suburban lots 20, 62, 63 and part lots 34 and 35 of Section 4233 and part lots 146, 174 and 84 Township of Hahndorf.

During this time four more daughters were born - Maria Caroline (born 1853), Louisa Rosalia (born 13th June 1855), Elizabeth Zogel (born 3rd October 1866)[??? no record of this person located to date.] and Emma Rosalia Dorothea (born at Palmer 21st May 1871 - died 9th August 1872) NOTE: daughter of Carl and Emma Schuetze nee Buermann. Marie Dorothy - the eldest daughter was baptised at St Michael's Lutheran Church, Hahndorf on 7th September 1850.

From 1866 to 1871 Gottlieb Andreas was Licensee of the “Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel” at Birdwood. This Licence was transferred from ‘G.W. Schuetze to D. Haveher in 1871’ on the death of Gottlieb Andreas on the 30th May 1871. Gottlieb died at Blumberg (Birdwood) intestate and Letters of Administration were granted to his eldest child Gottlieb Wilhelm Schuetze of Blumberg, Telegraphic Operator on the 19th June 1871 after Maria Dorothea Schuetze (widow) had renounced the Letters of Administration. The value of Gottlieb's estate (both Real and Personal) was given as £936. Gottlieb is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery at Birdwood.

Some time after the death of her husband Maria Dorothea moved to Mannum, possibly to live with one of her sons who had settled there. Maria died at Mannum and was buried on the 6th January 1894. Her burial is registered as No. 140 but no record can be found of the position of the grave in the Mannum Cemetery.

Gottlieb died 3 May 1871 at the age of 53 years and is buried in the Church of the Holy Cross Cemetery, Birdwood (formerly known as Blumberg), South Australia.

His wife Maria, who surviving her husband by 23 years and following a move to Mannum where she resided with one of her sons (Carl, Friedrich or Gottlieb) and his family, lived to the age of 76 years.

She died 4 January 1894 at Mannum and is buried in the Mannum, South Australia cemetery. No headstone has been located.


Example of the type of ship the family may have travelled on

Church in Hackpfüffel, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

Previously “Australian Arms” Hotel
Hahndorf, S.A.

Old photo of “Union Hotel”
Hahndorf, S.A.

St Michael's Evangelical Lutheran Church
1859 - Hahndorf, S.A.

St Michael's Lutheran Church
(more recent photo)

Maria Dorothea Schuetze nee Roediger
NOTE: To date no photo of Gottlieb has come to light..!

Grave - Gottlieb Andreas Schuetze
Church of the Holy Cross
Cemetery, Birdwood, SA
(Digitally reconstructed)

Church of the Holy Cross Cemetery
Birdwood (formerly Blumberg)
Broken Headstone
In Situ

German Inscription as Transcribed
by Caretaker of Cemetery

English Translation
NOTE: dates differ from those on grave


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