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The history of William and Sarah Brame has been researched, checked and delved into over a number of years, involving many people from far and wide. Apart from the dedicated family members who have a vested interest in solving the questions on the background of their ancestors, much advice and support has been received from willing helpers who have no connection whatsoever apart from wishing to be of assistance.

Many, many thanks to all of them.

I have just about exhausted my level of enthusiasm, interest and involvement having come up with what looks to be a matching set of circumstances, places and people and I now think it's time to “write it down”......

Anyone reading this who has come (or comes) up with an alternate scenario (with documentation to back it up) please contact me for discussion and possible alteration of the relevant content.

The following is from my own research combined with input from others and I am not asking anyone to believe it is gospel. There is always the possibility that there are other circumstances, and people with matching details, and if one day someone provides evidence that proves my account is incomplete or incorrect then I will be happy to edit the story.

Thank you to Elaine, Julie, David and Tom for the original suggested connection of Sarah Knight as a possible Sarah Brame (convict).

If we had the chance to look back in time then perhaps the full chronicle of their lives would be revealed. But it happened long ago and all we have is the bare outline. Please read on .......

Old photo Quendon with Rickling

Quaint sign as you enter the village of Berden
Photo taken 2006 - D O'Neil

William Brame and Rebecca Howard, both of the Parish of Quendon in Essex, were married in the Parish Church of St. Simon & St. Jude, Quendon by Banns on the 24th of August 1820. Witnesses were David Newport and Rebecca Hensley.

They had 2 daughters - Sarah baptised on 28th October 1821 and Rebecca baptised 29th January 1824 - both in Quendon, Essex. William's occupation - Gamekeeper.

Old illustration of Quendon Hall
Image from

During the time that William and Rebecca were in the Quendon area, “Quendon Hall” above is suggested as a possibility for the estate where he may have been employed. There is no evidence to support this, the picture is shown for interest value and possible further research.

A baptism for a son William has been located, however not in Essex, but Hackney West, Middlesex. The entry on this document is dated 27th November 1826. William's occupation is shown as Gardener and the surname is spelt Braham. This may or may not be the same family.... (See Burial details below for possible connection).

Rebecca Brame aged 38, of Stocking Pelham, Hertfordshire was buried in Quendon on 31st March 1827 and William Brame aged 6 months on 12th May the same year. (These details fit the first wife of William Brame and the child born in Hackney West...).

On 26th October 1827 in Saint Nicholas Church, Berden, Essex William Braham widower of the Parish of Stocking Pelham in the County of Hertford married Sarah Knight spinster of Berden, Essex. Witnesses were John Rand (X his mark) and George Rand (NOTE: George Rand is shown as a witness on other entries in the register).

St. Simon & St. Jude Church, Quendon, Essex
Photo - Ken Rose
Image from

St. Nicholas Church, Berden, Essex
Photos Photo taken 2006 - D O'Neil

Baptismal Font

Niche inside Church
The Church in Berden was being restored when we visited in 2006.

At this stage there are no known birth or baptism details for William Braham/Brame or Rebecca Howard. If Rebecca was 38 when she died in 1827 then her date of birth would be c.1789. (There is an index entry on for - Baptism Rebecca Howard - parents Richard Howard and Elizabeth - born 18th March 1797 baptised 25th March 1797 - St Michael's, Bishop's Stortford, Hertford. There are also number of entries for Howard family members on the Parish Record for Quendon - both areas still to be investigated for any connection to William's first wife Rebecca.)

Sarah Knight was baptised in Berden, Essex on 15th October 1809. She was the 5th child of William Knight and Ann nee Rand - one of 9 children born to the couple in Berden. William Knight was born c.1765 and died 17th March 1839 in the Union Workhouse, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. His wife Ann was born c.1774 and died 19th January 1844.

So now the Brame family consists of William Braham/Brame and Sarah nee Knight and daughters Sarah and Rebecca (step-daughters of 2nd wife). Sarah would have been 6 and Rebecca 3.

If William baptised 1826 was their son, then perhaps his father William had lost his position as Gamekeeper and the family had moved to London in search of employment and he was working as a Gardener. There is no evidence to tell us where they resided between 1826 and 1831. If William's 1st wife Rebecca was ill - perhaps following the birth of William - it is likely she (or they) returned to Essex to be close to family. The fact that William was residing in Stocking Pelham when he married his 2nd wife Sarah Knight ties in with place of abode shown on the 2 burials earlier in 1827.

NOTE: Listed below are three areas of doubt re the above information relating to William and Sarah BRAME (convict) and their daughters Sarah and Rebecca. They have been duly noted.

1. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk is shown on certificates relating to 2 sons of Rebecca Lewis (nee Brame) a number of years later in Australia when it is stated to be the place of origin of Rebecca. The name Brame is common in this area - could it be where William was born...? Perhaps the family of William, Sarah and daughters Sarah and Rebecca spent time there at some stage between 1827 and 1831......?

2. Colburn is shown on the Convict Indent as being the Native Place of Sarah Brame convict. The only Colburn located to date is in Yorkshire and nothing relevant has been unearthed to tie Sarah to that area. It has been suggested she may have said “Holborn” or perhaps “Kilburn” (both in London) when stating where she was from when providing information to the authorities. At a stretch of the imagination and not knowing how words were pronounced between different counties and classes of people, she could have even mumbled Berden.....? Or perhaps it was somewhere she had lived at some stage.....?

3. Ages and dob derived from various documents differ slightly regarding the people involved, but there are dates that fit as well as those that do not. Family history being what it is, there are always discrepancies.....

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However for the purposes of this family history I am taking it that the above background information DOES relate to William Brame and his wife Sarah (who became a convict) and their daughters Sarah and Rebecca. I have always been of the opinion that Sarah (convict) was too young to have been the mother of the 2 girls and now there is a very reasonable and believable explanation.

Some of the original data on the Knight family of Berden, Essex is from the STONE FAMILY TREE on - World Connect - and it is included in the belief that the owner would be happy to share his information. I have had no success in contacting him for some years.

William Knight
Birth: Abt 1765 in Berden, Essex, England, United Kingdom
Death: 17 Mar 1839 in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Ann Rand b: Abt 1778 in Berden, Essex, England, United Kingdom
Death: 19 Jan 1844

Having learned from his tree of the possible connection to Sarah Brame (convict) we then made it our quest to follow up on those details. We visited the Essex Record Office in 2006 and made a thorough investigation of any data we could find relating to the Knight and Braham/Brame families of Berden.

Following details are from the Parish Records and the Bishop's Transcripts:

William Knight and Ann Rand - Married: 15 Aug 1799 in Berden, Essex, England, United Kingdom
William Knight: Burial: 19 Mar 1839 Berden, Essex, England, United Kingdom
Ann Knight Burial: 25 Jan 1844 age 69

Children: all but Mahala born Berden, Essex, England, United Kingdom. Occupation of father - labourer.
1. George bap: 20 Jul 1800
2. William b: Abt 1801 (NOTE: we did not find an entry for William - he was mentioned on STONE Tree.)
3. Ann bap: 11 Aug 1805
4. Mary bap: 14 Jun 1807
5. Sarah bap: 15 Oct 1809
6. Mahala bap: 6 Mar 1814 Place: Redhill
7. Charity bap: 15 Jul 1817
8. John bap: 17 Jun 1821
9. Charles bap: 26 Oct 1824

Click here for further information on the Knight family.

NOTE: Short version of details from the online record of the trial of Sarah Brame is shown below:
Tried at Middlesex Assizes, February 1832. Verdict - “Guilty of stealing to the value of 99s. Transported for Seven Years”. (NOTE: Sarah was convicted on 2 separate charges and received 2 X 7 year terms - 14 years in all).

Sarah it seems was living in Stepney Green as far back as August when pawnbroker George Gray Williams of High Street stated she had pawned some items with him on the 26 August 1831, then further items on 11 January 1832. They were pawned in the name of Brim, of Stepney-green.

He said he had known her for 18 months. This could mean Sarah and William had been living in this area of London from about June 1831 - which tallies with the statement of their landlady at the time of the offences.

Sarah and her husband lodged in the dwelling-house of Sarah Flanders in Wellington-place, Stepney for five or six months, leaving on the 13th of January 1832; (which means they were there from approx. June 1831). She paid 5s. a week - Sarah Flanders had no other lodger for two months, and had no family of her own - as the prisoner could not pay her she told her to go away; she came on Friday morning, the 13th, and asked if she could stop till Monday, as she was going out to look for apartments, and she would pay the sum of 10s. on the Saturday night - she was given leave to stop; she came again, between four and five o'clock in the afternoon, and returned a shawl, which the landlady had lent her. Sarah and her husband, we presume, then left the Wellington Place lodging.

A current view of the area in London showingSampson Street, near Stepney,Wellington Terrace.

The prisoner and her husband lodged at the house in Sampson-place, Stepney, of Peter and Bridget Aylmer from the 13th of January, until the 16th, when Sarah was taken prisoner: she had taken the lodging by the week, and paid 10s. beforehand of her own accord; Click to go to the website for the Old Bailey - then enter name of convict to read actual entries from the trial/s.

Details from England & Wales, Criminal Registers 1791-1892, pages 12 & 13, County of Middlesex
BRAME, William - Tried 1832 February Session Old Bailey - Crime: Larceny Grand in a Dwelling House. Acquittals: No Bill
BRAME, Sarah - Tried 1832 February Session Old Bailey - Crime(s): Larceny 2 Convictions. Sentence: Transportation 7 years upon each Conviction

It can be seen from the above entries that William was allowed to go free while his wife was found guilty. Poor Sarah! Did she collapse with relief on hearing she was to escape with her neck intact? What lay ahead was unknown, but surely nothing could be worse than a date with the hangman!

Having heard tales of miserable, starving peasants stealing bread to feed their hungry children, thereby becoming convicts, we felt sure our Sarah had been sadly misjudged.

After reading excerpts from her trial, including witness statements, it seems she did indeed steal a number of items, and more than one time.... But then, what dreadful circumstances drove her to it.....?

If her husband William had lost his position as Gamekeeper in Quendon, Essex then it is likely that there was not enough money to feed a family of four.

A very interesting point is that nowhere in the records of the trial, including witness statements, is there any mention of the two girls, Sarah and Rebecca............. Perhaps they were staying with family members until their father and step-mother could get their lives in order...?

Sarah Brame was indicted at the Old Bailey on 16 February 1832 for stealing on 22 December 1831, 1 jacket, 6 shells, 2 table-spoons, 1 waistcoat, 1 walking-stick, 1 shawl, 1 mahogany pillar, (a mahogany pillar???), 1 gold ring, and 1 sovereign, the property of a fellow lodger. Also, on 13 January 1832, 2 brooches, 2 rings, 5 table-cloths, 3 shifts, 4 petticoats, 1 necklace, 3 tea-spoons, and 3 sovereigns, the property of her land-lady. There were two charges, both to the value of 99 shillings.

Theft was a capital offence, but juries were often instructed to find on a lesser charge, possibly because the colonies were in need of young women. Sarah's life was spared. Aged just twenty-one, she was sentenced to transportation to Van Diemen's Land, for a total of 14 years! Her step-daughters, both under 10, were sent with her.

Were the colonies so desperate for immigrants? After all, she was a convicted criminal! However, had Sarah lost her young life at the end of a hangman's rope, descendants from her husband's family line would possibly not be living in Australia today!

Sarah Brame's deportation was a cruel inditement against her two young step-daughters. They travelled with her aboard the convict ship “HYDERY” and following their August 1832 arrival in Tasmania, some months later in January 1833 they were placed in the care of the Queen's Orphan School at Hobart.

Vessel - “HYDERY”
Master - Alex McDonald
Surgeon - Allan McLaren
Sailed - 11/04/1832 - From Plymouth. Days on voyage - 121.
Embarked - 150 Females, arrived 146 Females - Arrived 10/08/1832 - VDL Tasmania

Details from the Medical journal of HM convict ship “HYDERY”, from 3rd March to 17th August 1832 by Allan McLaren, surgeon, during which time the said ship was employed on a voyage to Van Dieman's Land, show that Sarah Brame, aged 21, was taken ill off Cape de Vards; sick or hurt, contusion; put on sick list 16th May 1832, discharged 19th May 1832 cured.

NOTE: Further details follow:
The female convicts ordered for transportation in the Hydery to Van Dieman's land embarked at Woolwich from the various jails in England and Scotland between the 14 and 29 March 1832 and were of the following ages: aged under 20 (29 in number); aged from 20 to 30 (69 in number); aged 30 to 40 (28 in number); aged 40 to 50 (21 in number); aged 50 to 60 (3 in number). Making the total number 150 embarked In the morning of the second of April [1832] a case of cholera asphyxia appeared in a woman of forty eight years [see case no 5]. On the order of the Navy Board, the Hydery was immediately towed to Standgate Creek and remained till the 11th of the month [April 1832] and during that time four more cases [nos 6, 7, 8 and 9] of the same disease happened, but however less malignant and all the bedding and clothing and other articles of the patients were destroyed by order of Captain Marshall, Superintendent of Quarantine.

Click here for full report.

Sarah's convict record states that William, a free man, was on his way to VDL.

After many years of research, details have been acquired that show William Braham departed UK 19th March 1832 on board the ship “ELIZA II” arriving in Sydney, NSW from Cork on 6th September, 1832. (Free Passengers and Crew on Convict Ships into Sydney - 1830 to 1840 - Part1).

He is listed as a Seaman - if he was travelling “as a free passenger to VDL” as stated on Sarah's Convict Record then it appears he worked for his passage. The ‘Sick List’ shows him to have been put on the list suffering from what looks to be Catarrgh on 9th September and discharged from list on 12th September. (Details from the Journal of His Majesty's Convict ship the “ELIZA II” by Thomas Bell, Surgeon).

NOTE: The ship arrived 6th September and the Sick List details were dated a few days later - maybe those on board had to be certified healthy prior to disembarkation....?

The next item to be unearthed was the Passenger List for the Brig “BEE” (what a long, tedious search this has been!) and we can see where W. Braham is shown as a Steerage passenger on the boat which left Sydney, NSW 15th September, 1832 and arrived in Hobart, Tasmania on 25th September, 1832. (Tasmanian Unassisted Immigrant & Coastal Passengers to Hobart 1829-1865).

Another Lewis descendant, Elaine, has mentioned a couple of interesting items of information - (quote) “On the faint copy of William Braham's daughter Sarah's ‘Notice of Marriage’ it shows the only difference other than that on the actual marriage certificate is that she resided at Crops Marsh (now Melton Mowbray) for 6 months prior to marriage”. Elaine also found a mention somewhere of a Wm. Braham - Cross Marsh 1844 - Shepherd - on property “Abyssinia”). This record has not been sighted and new information shows the following details:

Bothwell Residents 1866
Taken from Hard Copy of Tasmania Directory 1866
Indexed by Rose Murtagh
BARHAM, William - Shepherd - Abyssinia

The two sets of details differ so whether the latter entry relates to our William BRAHAM so many years later is not known....

The 9th April 1844 Marriage Certificate for Sarah Braham to Joseph Speed states Sarah was a “gardener's daughter”. It is reasonable to believe that she was living with her father prior to her marriage.

Abyssinia is an extensive plain lying to the S. of the township of Bothwell, and is used for sheep-grazing purposes. (‘The Tasmanian Gazetteer’, [sampler] 1877 - ABYSSINIA Co. Monmouth).

Melton Mowbray is 6.9 kms from Kempton where Sarah Brame married her first husband Joseph Speed.

However Sarah's Marriage is rather a way down the track, having shown reasonable evidence of William's arrival in Australia it is now back to our convict....

Everything that is known about Sarah, from 1831 to 1853 when she received her Free Certificate, is from official records;

  • England & Wales Criminal Registers 1791-1892
  • 1832 - Trial record -
  • Medical journal of HM convict ship Hydery, from 3 March to 17 August 1832 - National Archives, Kew. ADM 101/35/7
  • Convict Details List Tasmanian Archives
  • Conduct Record: CON40/1/1
  • Description List: CON19/1/13 p59
  • Convict Indent: CON 15/2/1
  • Appropriation List: CON 27/2/1
  • Convict Pardons 1834-1859 Years 1841-42 HO 10/57
  • Australian Convict Transportation Registers - Other Fleets & Ships 1791-1868 HO 11/8
  • NSW & Tasmania 1806-1849 Convict Muster Year 1832 HO 10/48
  • NSW & Tasmania 1806-1849 Convict Muster Year 1833 HO 10/49
  • NSW & Tasmania 1806-1849 Convict Muster Year 1835 HO 10/50
  • Conditional Pardons - The Courier (Hobart Tas.) 1840-1859 Date: 10 Dec 1841
  • Conditional Pardons - The Courier (Hobart Tas.) 1840-1859 Date: 16 Dec 1842
  • Details from the Musters show that in 1832 Sarah was assigned to John Burnett Esq., House of Correction in 1833, and in 1835 she was assigned to Mr Lightfoot

    Sarah had an eventful incarceration, much time being added to her original sentence as a result of absconding on a number of occasions. On 25th November 1841 Sarah received her Conditional Pardon and on 9th May 1853 her Free Certificate. These papers were handed to her and no copies exist. Does this mean that she served 21 years? The saddest thing is that nothing is known of her fate after her debt to society was paid - not one scrap of detail....

    Did she change her name, did she return to UK, did she relocate to the mainland, did she marry again, did she set up home with someone and never marry, did she die..? And - did she have contact with her husband and step-daughters Sarah and Rebecca during her time as a convict, did she see them post 1853...? We will probably never know!

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    Records show that Sarah's daughters left the Orphanage and were “apprenticed” to Sir Robert Jacomb Esq., Sarah on 30th December 1838, and Rebecca on 24th July 1840.

    Two years later while still in the employ of Mr Jacomb - ale-brewer of New-town - Sarah is said to have been assaulted by fellow servant William Henry Atkins. He was remanded for the attendance of another witness - result is not known. (Hobart Town Courier & Van Diemen's Land Gazette, Friday 3rd April 1840).

    She married Joseph Speed, shoemaker, on 9th April 1844 in the Congregational Church at Kempton (previously known as Green Ponds), Tasmania. Joseph Speed was the son of George and Catherine (nee Parry), who were married on 17th January 1798 in the Parish of Shotwick, London. Joseph was their 5th child and was born on 23rd September 1810.

    At the age of 19, he was convicted for stealing a pocket handkerchief valued at sixpence. Sentenced on 14th April 1828, he was held in the Chester Castle Gaol before being transferred to the hulk “JUSTITA”, (sic) which was docked at Woolwich on the River Thames awaiting transportation to the penal colony in Van Diemen's Land.

    Painting of Prison Hulk - Said to be “JUSTITIA”
    Image from

    His sentence was for 7 years. He was boarded on the “MANLUIS 2” arriving in Van Diemen's Land on 9th November 1828. He spent most of his term at Port Arthur; his records show he was on Chain gangs, Tread wheels and severe rationing. He finally received his pardon in March 1845.

    Joseph and Sarah settled in Kempton where he was a shoemaker and he also held a publican's licence for the London Inn (now known as Tedworth Spring Hill) from 1851 - 1852. He ended up in the Insolvency court in March 1860. They then moved back to a rented house and shop which was owned by Mr J Rider.

    1. George b: Jan. 1845 d: 20th Feb 1845
    2. Matilda b: May 1846
    3. Joseph Manly b: 1848
    4. William b: 1850
    5. Edward b: 1853
    6. Rebecca Eugenia b: 1856
    7. Charles James b: 1858
    8. Alfred George b: 1861

    Joseph did not live to enjoy his children as he died on the 24th January 1862, of a diseased lung. He was 54 years old. A small notice in the newspaper sadly noted that a Mrs Sarah Speed and her seven children were left totally unprovided for. (Mercury, Hobart 30th January 1862).

    On the 15th February 1862, just three weeks after the death of her husband, Sarah admitted William and Edward, aged 11 years and 8 years, into the Queen's Orphanage, New Town. It is presumed the two older children Matilda and Joseph were able to support themselves. Sarah remarried on 14th July 1863 to James Shone, her daughter Matilda was listed as a witness on the Marriage Certificate. This was to be a short marriage as James Shone, aged 54, died on the 9th December 1864 of bronchitis. Shortly after this, Sarah, now Mrs Shone, had Rebecca and Charles admitted to the Queen's Orphanage on the 16th December 1864. According to the records she tried to admit little Alfred as well, but was refused (reason unknown). Sarah remarried for a third time to ....Burns (no record found). She was living in Bellerive before being admitted to Hobart Hospital where she died of Hydatids.

    What a sad tale...!

    NOTE: part of the above detail on Sarah Speed/Shone/Burns nee Brame is from a handout provided to descendants at the family reunion held in Mt Gambier, South Australia in 2002 - thanks to B Lewis for sharing the information. Similar details provided by E Speed.

    Sarah's younger sister Rebecca married Thomas Lewis in St Mary's Anglican Church, Kempton (previously known as Green Ponds), Brighton, Tasmania on 26th September 1842.

    Thomas Lewis, b. __ __ 1811 baptised 29th September 1811, Brighton, Sussex, England died 3rd January 1874 Bahgallah, Vic. (parents Thomas and Mary nee Purnell), was a bricklayer at the time of his marriage. He and Rebecca left Tasmania, and landed at Portland, Victoria where they made their way to Mr F. Henty's property, “Muntham Station”. During the following years they moved from there to the Henty property at Merino Downs, then to Sandford, and finally to Bahgallah.

    1. William b: 3 Jun. 1843 d: 19 Oct 1870
    2. Sarah Rebecca b: 1845 d: 8 Nov 1865, husband Isaac Jones m: 29 Apl 1863
    3. Thomas b: 23 Dec 1847 d: 16 Apl 1904, wife Alice Ley m: 15 Sep 1874 b: 13 Sep 1856 d: 20 Oct 1910
    4. George b: 30 Jul 1850 d: 20 Jun 1932, wife Mary Ann Murrell m: 20 Mar 1877 b: 18 Aug 1855 d: 03 Dec 1917
    5. Eliza b: 1853 d: 19 Oct 1935, husband William Thomas Millard m: 08 Sep 1874
    6. John b: 1856 d. 25 Oct 1924, wife Anne Elizabeth Collingburn m: 23 Dec 1880 b: 1863 d: 11 Jul 1945
    7. Elizabeth b: 1858 d: 03 Apl 1885, husband Thomas Hodgetts m: 28 Apl 1875
    8. Edward b: 19 Oct 1861 d: 04 Mar 1906
    9. Charles Henry Lewis b: 3 Dec 1864:. 21 Sep 1958, wife Virtue Best m: 2 Feb 1898 b: 30 Jun 1867 d: 14 Mar 1952
    10. Mary Ann Lewis b: Feb 1868 d: 28 Oct 1945, husband George Stone m: 08 Jul 1891

    Charles Henry, 9th child of Thomas and Rebecca, was born at Sandford, near Casterton, Victoria. He married Virtue Best whose family had originated in Dorset, England.

    Thomas Lewis died January 1874 in Victoria, Australia.

    Following Thomas' burial at Sandford, his widow Rebecca went to live with her daughter Mary Ann at Strathdownie.

    There is a photograph of Rebecca, looking very grim, but perhaps that is typical of the times. Another picture shows Thomas, son of Rebecca and Thomas.

    Rebecca Lewis lived to a grand old age, spending her final years with her family. She died aged 83 on 24th November 1907 at her daughter Eliza's home in Mt Gambier, South Australia.

    Her final resting-place is in the Lake Terrace Cemetery where she lies beneath an impressive marble headstone.

    Poverty in Essex, Hertfordshire and Middlesex... Death in the Workhouse... Prison hulks and convict ships... Children in the Queen's Orphanage... Chain gangs, tread wheels... Children apprenticed out... Years of servitude... Insolvency... Accidental death... Left penniless.... Children admitted to Orphanage.... Dying young.....

    The bare details paint a picture of misery and pain....

    There must have been good times through the years - if only we knew more... A positive aspect of the lives of these pioneers is that there are many descendants who have carried on the line.

    William Brame, gamekeeper, gardener - father of Sarah and Rebecca; Sarah Brame (nee Knight), convict, step-mother.

    Sarah and Rebecca - daughters of William Brame - step-daughters of Sarah (convict) - their lives were William and Sarah's legacy.

    There are no known photos of William. And none of his wife Sarah; her convict description is all we have. See below -

    Cook & House Maid
    (without shoes)
    5ft 4ins
    D Brown
    D Brown

    We know so much more than when we started out on this quest, but of course we wonder what became of them? Will we ever know...?

    Details on their descendants follow.


    Descendants of: William Brame 1 William Brame m. (1) Rebecca Howard m. 24 Aug 1820 Quendon, Essex, England b. __ __ 1789 d. 31 Mar 1827 Quendon, Essex, England m. (2) Sarah Knight m. 26 Oct 1827 Berden, Essex, England b. __ __ 1809 England [daughter of William Knight and Ann nee Rand] 2 Sarah Brame b. __ __ 1821 Quendon, Essex, England d. 07 Jul 1882 Hobart, Tasmania (NOTE: details on the Brame/Speed/Shone line have been provided by a fellow researcher. In general no documentation has been sighted). m. (1) Joseph Speed m. 09 Apl 1844 Kempton Congregational Parish Church, Kempton, Tas. b. 23 Sep 1810 Shotwick, London, England d. 24 Jan 1862 Kempton, Tasmania, Australia - disease of lungs. [son of George Speed and Catherine Parry] m. (2) James Shone m. 14 Jul 1863 Green Ponds, Brighton,Tasmania b. __ __ 1811 d. 09 Dec 1864 Brighton, Vic m. (3) (no record) .... Burns, Tasmania 3 George Speed b. __ Jan 1845 Kempton, Tas. d. 20 Feb 1845 Kempton, Tas. 3 Matilda Sophia Speed b. 24 May 1846 Kempton, Tasmania d. 14 Apl 1899 Hobart General Hosp. m. Edward Harrison m. 26 Jun 1883 St John Baptist Church, Hobart, Tas. b. __ __ 1831 Died of meningitis. Cornelian Bay Cemetery. Hobart, Tas. 4 Unnamed Harrison b. __ __ 1884 4 Edward Harrison b. 21 Jul 1885 3 Joseph Manly Speed b. 19 Jul 1848 Kempton, Tasmania d. 07 Sep 1901 Perth, Tasmania m. Elizabeth Murphy m. 06 Aug 1883 Evandale, Tas. d. 16 Apl 1888 Evandale, Tas. Elizabeth: Died of consumption. 4 Joseph Manly Speed b. 20 Jan 1884 Evandale, Tasmania d. 26 Nov 1915 Windsor, Melbourne,Vic. Died at home of step-sister - he hung himself. Burial - Melbourne, Vic. 4 Sarah Emily Speed b. 24 Jan 1886 3 William Speed b. 09 Oct 1850 Kempton, Tasmania d. 12 Oct 1870 Hobart, Tas. 3 Edward Speed b. __ __ 1853 Kempton, Tasmania 3 Rebecca Eugenia Speed b. 20 Feb 1856 Kempton, Tasmania d. 04 Oct 1931 Launceston, Tas. m. Michael William Knowles m. 06 Sep 1883 Launceston, Tas. b. __ __ 1838 d. 24 May 1912 Launceston, Tas. Died of senility. Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston. 4 Lily Knowles 4 Lily May (Lewis) Knowles b. 13 Jul 1882 4 Marion Knowles b. 03 Feb 1884 m. John Driscoll m. 09 Jun 1914 Launceston, Tas. 4 Margaret Knowles b. 21 Jan 1887 4 Thomas Knowles b. 12 Apl 1891 4 William Charles Knowles b. 19 Aug 1894 d. __ __ 1946 Hosp. for the insane, New Norfolk, Tas. 3 Charles James Speed b. 16 Nov 1858 Kempton, Tasmania 3 Alfred George Speed b. __ Nov 1861 Kempton, Tas. d. 05 Sep 1926 m. Rose Kuban m. 11 Jun 1886 Chalmers Manse, Hobart, Tas. b. __ __ 1867 Hamburg, Germany d. 13 Jun 1953 Hobart, Tas [daughter of Jacob Kuban and Franzisca ?] 4 Charles Speed b. 10 Oct 1886 Plenty, Tas. d. 08 Aug 1961 Hobart, Tas. m. Margaret Dillon b. __ __ 1895 d. 03 Feb 1951 4 Florence Ilinde Speed b. 15 Sep 1888 Plenty, Tas. d. 01 Nov 1963 m. Walter John Blackwell b. 14 Feb 1886 Plenty, Tas. d. 06 Dec 1928 [son of William Blackwell and Mary ?] m. Albert James Cocker Walter: Killed in car accident - died of broken neck. 4 Ethel May Speed b. 23 Feb 1891 Plenty, Tas. d. 22 Feb 1956 m. Edward Harrison 4 Alfred George Speed b. 02 Oct 1893 Plenty, Tas. d. 17 Apl 1918 KIA France WWI Has Memorial Plaque Cornelian Bay Cemetery, Hobart 4 Edward Joseph Speed b. 13 Feb 1897 Plenty, Tas. d. 07 Aug 1982 Hobart, Tas. m. Lorna Sibley b. 12 Feb 1922 d. 18 Jan 1935 Lorna: 4 Elsie Ivy Speed b. 17 Oct 1899 Plenty, Tas. d. 02 Apl 1965 m. Algernon Atherton Almond d. 13 May 1956 Hobart, Tas. Ashes scattered in gardens Cornelian Bay Cemetery, Hobart. 4 Percy Ellis Speed b. 18 Jun 1902 Plenty, Tas. d. 30 May 1990 Hobart, Tas. m. Joyce Ellen Elizabeth Boswell m. 06 Apl 1939 Meth. Church, Hobart, Tas b. 15 Dec 1912 35 Edinburgh St. Richmond, Melb. Vic. d. 24 Dec 1942 Calvary Hospital, Hobart, Tas [daughter of Walter Boswell and Elsie Blyth] m. Ala Jane Board m. __ __ 1945 Hobart, Tas. d. 15 Jan 2003 Hobart, Tas. m. Amy Jean Atkinson m. 23 Nov 1964 Hobart, Tas. b. 26 Dec 1920 Burnie, Tas. d. 17 May 1986 Hobart, Tas. Joyce: Amy: Maiden name - Amy Jean Jacobs 4 Lillian Rosina Speed b. 10 Apl 1905 Plenty, Tas. d. Melbourne, Vic. m. Fred Sanders Back to Top
    2 Rebecca Brame b. __ __ 1824 Quendon, Essex, England d. 24 Nov 1907 Mt Gambier S A m. Thomas Lewis m. 26 Sept 1842 St Mary's Anglican Parish Church, Kempton (previously known as Green Ponds), Brighton, Tasmania b. __ __ 1811 Brighton, Sussex, England d. 03 Jan 1874 Bahgallah, Vic Aust. [son of Thomas Lewis and Mary Purnell] 3 William Lewis b. 03 Jun 1843 Green Ponds, Tasmania d. 19 Oct 1870 Coleraine Vic. Bachelor - drowned in Coleraine floods. 3 Sarah Rebecca Lewis b. __ __ 1845 Green Ponds, Tas. d. 08 Nov 1865 Harrow Vic. m. Isaac Jones m. 29 Apl 1863 Harrow Vic. 3 Thomas Lewis b. 23 Dec 1847 Launceston, Tas. d. 16 Apl 1904 Casterton, Vic. m. Alice Ley m. 15 Sep 1874 Bahgallah, Victoria b. 13 Sep 1856 Mt Gambier, SA d. 20 Oct 1910 Mil-Lel nr. Mt Gambier, SA [daughter of Ernest James Ley and Louisa Charlotte Chart] 4 William Ernest Lewis b. 22 Sep 1875 Casterton, Vic d. 21 Aug 1929 Mt Gambier, SA m. Ada Lillian Grace Fox m. 22 Sep 1903 Vic, Australia b. __ __ 1880 Natimuk, (Goroke), Vic d. 09 May 1963 Adelaide, SA [daughter of Alfred John Fox and Annie Georgina Cochrane] 4 Alice Penelope Lewis b. 18 Oct 1877 Casterton, Vic d. 10 Feb 1939 Mt Gambier, SA 4 Rebecca Louisa Lewis b. 30 Sep 1879 Casterton, Vic d. 28 Feb 1947 Mt Gambier, SA m. John Sorrell m. __ __ 1901 b. __ __ 1860 Pt Fairy, Vic d. 08 Jun 1913 Mt Gambier, SA 4 Mary Margaret Lewis b. 04 May 1882 Casterton, Vic. d. 23 Nov 1942 Mt Gambier SA m. James Sorrell m. 09 Sep 1909 Casterton, Vic m. Charles Lane m. 19 Nov 1919 4 Ernest James Ley Lewis b. 16 Nov 1884 Casterton, Vic 4 Thomas Edward Lewis b. 25 Mar 1887 Casterton, Vic. 4 George Vincent Lewis b. __ __ 1889 Casterton, Vic d. 28 Feb 1944 Berri, SA m. Elsie Maude Taylor m. 18 May 1918 Mt Gambier, SA b. 01 Feb 1890 Port Pirie, SA d. 18 Aug 1958 [daughter of Michael Taylor and Elizabeth Larwood] 4 John Henry Lewis b. 13 Nov 1891 d. 14 Sep 1969 4 Charles Arthur A Lewis b. 12 Nov 1893 Strathdownie, Vic d. 10 Mar 1957 Mildura, Vic m. Nettie Marie Burch m. 01 May 1945 Melbourne, Vic b. 06 Nov 1916 Rutherglen, Vic 3 George Lewis b. 30 Jul 1850 Portland Vic. d. 20 Jun 1932 m. Mary Ann Murrell m. 20 Mar 1877 The Bluff, Killarah, Victoria b. 18 Aug 1855 Brighton, England d. 03 Dec 1917 Mildura Vic Mary: Headstone Sandford cemetery states - Mary Ann Lewis Beloved wife of George Lewis. Died at Mildura Dec. 3rd 1917 aged 62. Thy Will Be Done. 4 Charles Lewis b. __ __ 1878 Casterton Vic 4 George Lewis b. 20 Feb 1880 Casterton Vic d. 29 Jan 1917 Headstone Sandford cemetery states - In Loving Remembrance of William the Beloved son of George & M Lewis who died 17th Dec. 1903 aged 22 years. "One less at home, one more in heaven". Also in Loving Memory of George Lewis, our son, killed on outpost duty somewhere in France on January 29th 1917 aged 37 years. "He gave his life for his country, for honor, faith and right, with us his memory ever lives, he fought a noble fight" (George is buried in France.) 4 William Lewis b. __ __ 1881 Casterton Vic d. 17 Dec 1903 Headstone Sandford cemetery states - In Loving Remembrance of William the Beloved son of George & M Lewis who died 17th Dec. 1903 aged 22 years. "One less at home, one more in heaven". Also in Loving Memory of George Lewis, our son, killed on outpost duty somewhere in France on January 29th 1917 aged 37 years. "He gave his life for his country, for honor, faith and right, with us his memory ever lives, he fought a noble fight" 4 Thomas Lewis b. __ __ 1882 Sandford Vic 4 Rebecca Lewis b. 21 Jun 1884 Casterton, Vic d. 08 May 1950 Portland Hospital, Vic m. George Frederick Spencer m. 03 Aug 1911 Casterton, Vic b. 11 Sep 1879 "Primrose Hill", Dartmoor, Vic. d. 02 Oct 1963 Portland, Vic [son of Frederick Spencer and Mary Morrison] Grave details - Presbyterian Sect. Grave B161. Headstone reads "In Loving Memory of My Dear Wife Ressie Spencer died 8th May 1950 aged 65 years". (Known as Ressie) George: Buried with wife Presbyterian Sect. Grave B161 Sth Portland Cemetery, Vic. 4 Elizabeth Elinor Lewis b. __ __ 1886 Casterton, Vic 3 Eliza Lewis b. __ __ 1853 Casterton nr Sandford Vic. d. 19 Oct 1935 Mt Gambier SA m. William Thomas Millard m. 08 Sep 1874 Coleraine, Vic 4 Vincent Millard b. __ __ 1876 Casterton, Vic d. 08 Sep 1906 Mt Gambier, SA m. Elizabeth Jane Richardson Allchin m. 19 Jan 1898 Res. of William Thomas Millard, Mt Gambier, SA b. __ __ 1879 d. 27 Oct 1901 Williamstown, SA Same grave as Rebecca Lewis nee Brame. Elizabeth: Same grave as Rebecca Lewis nee Brame. 4 William Thomas Millard b. __ __ 1878 Casterton Vic m. Ellen Sophia Bott m. 10 Apl 1912 Res. of WJ Bott, Kalangadoo, SA [daughter of William Joseph Bott and Unknown] 4 Thomas George Millard b. 25 Jun 1880 Vic. d. 06 Oct 1961 m. Eva Elizabeth Dickson m. 25 Sep 1907 Baptist Church, Mt Gambier SA b. 27 Jul 1881 Green Point nr. Caroline SA 4 Henry Ebenezer Millard b. __ __ 1882 Casterton Vic m. Jessie Maria Warren m. 25 Mar 1908 Res. of Samuel Warren, Mt Gambier, SA [daughter of Samuel Warren and Unknown] 4 John Millard b. 13 Nov 1884 Mt Gambier, SA m. Adelaide Bertha Warren m. 25 Oct 1911 Methodist Church Mt Gambier, SA [daughter of Samuel Warren and Unknown] 4 Rebecca Millard b. 26 Sep 1887 Mt Gambier, SA d. 03 Oct 1887 Mt Gambier, SA 4 Edward Millard b. 28 Aug 1889 Near Mt Gambier, SA d. __ __ 1915 Casterton, Vic. Youngest son of Wm & Eliza Millard. Buried same plot as Grandmother Rebecca Lewis in Lake Tce Cemetery, Mt Gambier, SA Back to Top
    3 John Lewis b. __ __ 1856 Mundara, nr. Apsley, Sandford Vic d. 25 Oct 1924 South Yarra, Melbourne Vic m. Anne Elizabeth Collingburn m. 23 Dec 1880 Wannon Parsonage, Vic b. __ __ 1863 Clarkes Ck (nr. Merino) Vic d. 11 Jul 1945 South Melbourne Vic [daughter of Francis Collingburn and Anne Best] 4 Anne Elizabeth Lewis b. __ __ 1881 Cowa Vic m. William Birchall Hunter b. __ __ 1919 m. Herbert James Austin m. 07 Jun 1911 St Kilda Vic b. __ __ 1885 Melbourne Vic d. __ __ 1922 South Yarra Vic 4 Ethel Maria Lewis b. 27 Feb 1883 Kingston SA d. 25 Apl 1940 Mortlake Vic m. Albert Peters m. 23 Jul 1903 Mt Gambier SA b. 11 Mar 1882 Tantanoola SA 4 Minnie Collingburn Lewis b. 11 Apl 1886 Mt Gambier SA d. 16 Jun 1962 m. Alfred Ernest Bain m. 27 Feb 1915 Lake Bolac Vic b. __ __ 1890 Longwood Vic 4 John Bertie Lewis b. 25 Oct 1888 Mt Gambier SA d. 25 Aug 1952 m. Amelia Helen Smith m. 14 Apl 1925 Mildura Vic 4 George Ernest Lewis b. 14 Aug 1891 Mt Gambier SA d. 12 Apl 1967 m. May McKinnon m. 25 Jun 1912 b. 14 Apl 1891 d. 7 Jul 1959 4 Leslie Cecil Lewis b. 06 Mar 1894 Mt Gambier SA d. 13 Oct 1918 Killed in Action m. Sarah Elizabeth Thompson m. 25 May 1912 South Melbourne Vic b. __ __ 1890 Port Melbourne Vic d. __ __ 1947 Armadale Vic [daughter of John Thompson and Annie Walker] 4 Ruby Dulcie (Delicia) Lewis b. 23 Oct 1896 Mt Gambier SA d. 08 Apl 1959 Melbourne Vic m. James Stanley Aitken m. __ __ 1944 Melbourne Vic b. __ __ 1895 Geelong Vic 4 Sylvia Estelle Lewis b. 12 Sep 1900 Mt Gambier SA d. 15 Nov 1972 m. William George McGown m. 29 Nov 1920 m. Herbert Harper m. 03 Nov 1928 South Yarra Vic b. __ __ 1896 St Kilda Vic m. Reginald McGown Scott d. __ __ 1960 Armadale Vic 3 Elizabeth Lewis b. __ __ 1858 Harrow Vic. d. 03 Apl 1885 Wentworth NSW m. Thomas Hodgetts m. 28 Apl 1875 Casterton, Vic 4 John Hodgetts b. __ __ 1876 Casterton, Vic d. __ __ 1876 Casterton, Vic 4 Henry Thomas Hodgetts b. __ __ 1877 Casterton, Vic 4 William George Hodgetts b. __ __ 1879 Casterton, Vic 4 Rebecca Braham Hodgetts b. __ __ 1881 Casterton, Vic 3 Edward Lewis b. 19 Oct 1861 Sandford nr Casterton Vic d. 04 Mar 1906 Parkside, SA Disabled - never married. 3 Charles Henry Lewis b. 03 Dec 1864 Sandford Vic d. 21 Sep 1958 Mt Gambier SA m. Virtue Best m. 02 Feb 1898 Methodist Manse, Mt Gambier SA b. 30 Jun 1867 Makepilly Station Pleasant Creek Vic d. 14 Mar 1952 Pt MacDonnell SA [daughter of William Best and Virtue Williams] 3rd husband of Virtue Best. Worked at Chaffey's farm 3 pound per week. Drove Chaffey's to their wedding. Known as Henry. Virtue: Grandma Wilke (Mary Rebecca) remembers her mother telling of sitting on floor & feeling earthquake tremors in NZ (poss. spent some of childhood there) **NOTE: have never found anything at all to clarify this** 4 Henry William Lewis b. 27 Sep 1898 Casterton V d. 15 May 1970 Mt Gambier SA m. Jessie Rosina Hastings m. 11 Nov 1918 Methodist Manse Mt Gambier SA b. 02 Sep 1900 Peeweena via Mt Gambier SA d. 09 Aug 1978 Mt Gambier SA [daughter of Alexander Hastings and Elizabeth (Heard/Herd/Hurd/Hezel) Dunn] 4 Eric George Lewis b. 30 Mar 1900 Casterton V d. 23 May 1968 Naracoorte SA m. Eileen Elizabeth Glynn m. 26 Sep 1923 Mt Gambier SA b. 27 Oct 1903 Millicent SA d. 13 Jun 1958 Naracoorte SA 4 Virtue Mary Rebecca Lewis b. 08 Feb 1903 Casterton Vic d. 28 Jan 1996 Millicent Nursing Home SA m. Harold Wilke m. 25 Jun 1921 Lewis' home, O'Halloran Tce.Mt.Gambier SA b. 29 Dec 1890 Pt MacDonnell SA d. 25 Nov 1972 Pt MacDonnell SA [son of Rudolf Daniel Wilke and Maria Caroline Schuetze] Harold Wilke met Virtue Mary Rebecca Lewis when he was shoeing a horse behind Pt MacDonnell Hotel. She was working as waitress etc at Hotel. Harold: Harold's aunt Margaret Livonia Wilke (sister of Rudolf) married Friedrich PFLAUM. Harold used to go and stay with them at Blumberg (now Birdwood). Pflaum family operated Birdwood Mill. 4 Robert Clifton Lewis b. 05 Nov 1904 Casterton V d. 03 Oct 1996 Montrose Vic m. Ethel Louise Willis m. 08 Dec 1942 Mt Gambier SA b. 23 Jan 1918 Benalla Vic 4 Sarah Lydia (Liddie) Lewis b. 24 Mar 1906 Casterton V d. __ ___ 1985 Naracoorte SA m. Albert (Bertie) James Jacob m. 16 May 1925 Methodist Parsonage, Mt Gambier SA b. 03 Jan 1906 Glenburnie via Mt Gambier SA d. 14 Jan 1965 RAH Adelaide 4 Eddie Dawson Lewis b. 08 Sep 1907 Wilkin (Casterton) Vic d. __ Jun 1985 Wentworth NSW m. Ivy Elizabeth Dickson m. 26 Aug 1926 Methodist Manse Mt Gambier SA b. 04 Apl 1909 Mt Gambier SA d. 02 Feb 1988 Mt Gambier SA m. Juanita Margret Blackwood 4 Coral Cathellen Stephanie Lewis b. 24 Nov 1909 Casterton V d. __ __ 1978 m. Harold Robert (Mick) Cook m. 16 Feb 1925 Mt Gambier SA b. 14 Nov 1905 Casterton Vic d. __ __ 1975 [son of Charles Cook and Rebecca (Edwards) (Purdon) Cook] Harold: Died of cancer. 4 Lillian Rosetta (Lily) Lewis b. 25 Jul 1910 Sleepy Hollow via Casterton Vic d. 13 Apl 1993 Mt Gambier SA m. Henry Colin Burston m. 09 Jan 1937 C of E Church Mt Gambier SA b. 09 Jan 1914 Mt Gambier SA d. 23 Jan 1983 Mt Gambier SA 4 Norman Charles Cavell Lewis b. 25 Aug 1916 d. 20 May 1991 m. Gloria Joan Hunter m. 12 Oct 1940 b. 17 Oct 1920 m. Yvonne May Pengilly m. 29 Dec 1951 b. 31 Mar 1929 NOTE: Although raised by Charles Henry and Virtue LEWIS he was the son of Jessie Carol Monteith Farrow - she had boyfriend (fiancee ?) from Port- lan, Vic who was killed in WWI (1914-1918). Norman painted two pictures of aboriginals of the “Boandik” tribe, Mona Muller has one, Mary & Bing O'Neil gave the other one to son Dennis after Grandma Wilke died. (Parents of Jessie actually Virtue & James Monteith Farrow - decd) brought up by Virtue & Charles Henry Lewis. Yvonne: Had 2 daughters. 3 Mary Ann Lewis b. __ Feb 1868 Sandford Vic d. 28 Oct 1945 Mt Gambier SA m. George Stone m. 08 Jul 1891 Wilkin, Vic 2 William Braham b. __ __ 1826 West Hackney, Middlesex, England d. 12 May 1827 Quendon, Essex, England

    Names, dates and information are presented with the best intentions.
    Family history being what it is, although much time, effort and
    money is expended, we can never know it all!


  • What became of William Braham (Brame)?
  • What was Sarah's fate after she received her pardon?
  • Did she posibly revert back to her maiden name of Knight?
  • Did they stay in contact?
  • How did they end their days?


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